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50-Year Reunion -- August 19-21, 2011

On the weekend of August 19 through 21, 2011, the Lansing Eastern High School graduating classes of 1961 (January and June) celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of their graduation. More than 200 alumni and their guests participated in a variety of activities that spanned the 3-day period. The following links give more information about the reunion activities.

  • A reunion broadside listing activities, times, and dates.
  • The latest edition of the Quaker Quacker, chocked full of reunion news.
  • The reunion committee did their best to ensure that every member of the class knew about the reunion in time to come if they so desired. Well over a year in advance, they set the date and began communicating with the classmates by conventional postal mail (snail-mail), telephone calls, e-mail, and websites. One of the most active sub-committees sought to update contact information and locate those classmates whth whom we had lost contact over the years. If you did not receive mailings from the class informing you of the reunion, it is certain that you are among the "missing" and that we want to know where you are. It is of course too late for you to attend the fifty-year reunion, but there is little doubt that there will be other reunions in coming years. We'd like to have you there.

    Click on the image to the left to see some snapshots from the reunion.

    Missing Classmates

    Even though we have worked very hard to locate all of our classmates, there are still many whose whereabouts are either unknown to the reunion committee or for whom we have been unable to verify the information we have. If you click on the Missing Classmates link, you will obtain the latest list. If you haven't checked the list lately, please do so. Perhaps you can help us shorten the list. Maybe you can even be responsible for making it possible for someone to come to a future reunion who would otherwise not have had the opportunity to come.

    Golden Memories Directory

    JoAnn (Bolter) Peterson put together an outstanding Classmate Information Booklet. I call it the Golden Memories Directory. The covers were based on the 1960 and 1961 editions of the Lantern. The inside was full of currnet contact information for our classmates, as well as comments about favorite teachers, fond memories, and the like. We're sure you didn't take the time to read it at the banquet, but it is sure to be a useful directory and a fond keepsake for a long time.

    Those Who Expected to Attend

    While we don't have a complete list of those who attended the reunion, we have two lists of classmates to provide you with reunion attendance information. One contains a list of those who indicated an initial intention to attend by responding to one of the first two mailings prior to August 6, 2010. Click on the "Intend to Attend" link to see that list. The second lists those who have actually made reservations for the golf outing, the Saturday banquet, or Sunday brunch (a financial committment) or who have stated on the reservation form that they intend to go to Kewpee's on Friday night, attend the school tour or picnic on Saturday, or attend the worship service on Sunday (no financial committment). This second list tells you how many of your classmates had committed to attend each of these events as of August 1, 2011, and lists the names of reunion participants, as indicated on a Reservation Form, confirmed with payment as appropriate. Click the "Reservations So Far" link to see this second list.

    Intend to Attend Reservations So Far List of Missing

    Coming Attractions

    We are currently putting together a complete report concerning the reunion. Judy Johnson has written a lovely piece about the school tour from the perspective of one who had not seen Eastern in at least 20 years. Mary Kay Fink has written about the Sunday morning worship experience lead by Dean Kyburz. Ed Kaiser wrote briefly, reflecting on the success of the reunion. We have more than 200 photographs that have been contributed by various attendees. We have e-mails and thank-you notes that have been received. We have promises of additional pictures, letters, and articles. In the next few weeks, we hope to have a rich account of the great time we all enjoyed. Stay tuned and watch this spot. It was a wonderful reunion.

    If you have anything to contribute

    If you attended the reunion and are willing to write a paragraph or two about it, if you took photos that you are willing to share, or if you are able to contribute to these pages in any way, please let us know. Perhaps the easiest way to do that is to send an e-mail to Ed Kaiser or the Webmaster of this site. If e-mail will not work for you, please drop a line to the reunion committee chairman, Ed Kaiser.

    Edwin Kaiser
    611 E Sherwood Rd
    Williamston, MI 48895

    If you experience any problems with this website, drop an e-mail to the Webmaster

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